Options for Finding Products
Crane Provides Several Methods To Find What You're Looking For
Crane stocks thousands of items from dozens of product lines. To find exactly the products that fit your needs, we offer several ways to browse and search these items.
Enter a part of a product's English or Pin Yin name to get a list of products. If you know the specific product's Product Code, you may use that to go directly to its information page.
Available from the Products menu.
Browse through all available products by product line and get details for each product line.
Available from the Products menu.
View products with current and upcoming special discounts. Discounts apply to Clinic Orders only.
Available from the Discounts menu.
The following options are only available for registered users. If you're not registered, you can get started now.
Find products appropriate to certain symptoms (western and traditional signs).
Available from the Products menu.
Quick Order Forms for Clinic Orders and Patent Pharmacy
These pages list the products you've ordered or prescribed previously.
Available from the Clinic Orders and Patent Pharmacy menus.
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