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Custom Pharmacy

We Help You Provide More Focused Healing for Your Patients

Relatively few practitioners want to run a full-service pharmacy alongside a practice that offers distinctly unique care for each patient. Significant time, money, and desire are required to manage your own pharmacy and it's not easy. Examples: it is complicated to provide the right environment for storing medicinal herbs and regularly monitoring degradation levels on each. Today, there are strict FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations to think about and compliance is a very serious issue. And in the midst of all these stress-inducing concerns, an accidental prescription-filling mistake could cost you, and your patient, dearly.

For many practitioners, operating a pharmacy is a hassle, and it's not why they got into this field in the first place. The practice of focused patient treatment necessarily involves more time to understand patient needs and nurture the practitioner/patient relationship.

Crane’s online Custom Pharmacy—the first of its kind—joins cutting-edge technology with world-class manufacturing. By using craneherb.com, you can easily prescribe traditional formulas in the Patent Pharmacy or custom-made formulas in the Custom Pharmacy, and then leave the manufacturing, shipping, and administration work to us. You can investigate your options by viewing our online Custom Pharmacy demonstration videos.

Because Crane’s Custom Pharmacy service drastically reduces practitioner work, you can now conduct business with us based on a principle that we call the Tao of Pharmacy: "Doing without Doing." When you are practicing via the "Doing Without Doing" principle, you have much more freedom to provide individualized patient treatment, prescribe the right formulas, and deepen your own experience and wisdom. Our online Custom Pharmacy allows you to easily create your own custom formulas made from the best herbs available. We serve your patients very reliably and, ultimately, give you the time to become a better practitioner. You may also consider it a great source of peace in your life to know you and your patients are being taken care of by Crane.


Anonymous, Sung Dynasty (960 - 1279)

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